Roman Cuilla Martinez

2020 - 2023
Creative Director - MyBrandForce
Defined a voice and aesthetic to help MyBrandForce secure over 3M in funding.
Developed the look and feel of every client and investor touch point, including the MyBrandForce logo, (upcoming) website redesign, phone application UI/UX, print advertising, investor decks, interactive documents, experiential installations, and conference collateral.
2020 - Present
Director - Film Reframed
Founded Film Reframed, a professional development platform teaching composition and visual storytelling to filmmakers around the world.
In addition to creating over 20 hours of educational content, my leadership established sponsored partnerships with CBS, Paramount, NBC Universal, Caviar, No Film School, Ghetto Film School, and dozens of other film organizations.
2014 - Present
Storyboard Artist / Visual Consultant - Freelance
Collaborated with brands such as Vogue, Target, M&M’s, Doritos, American Express, OGX Shampoo, Snap Inc., Netgear, Vox, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many others to create meaningful imagery for commercial, music video, research & development, and film projects.
2014 - Present
Senior Designer, Art Director, Producer - California Pizza Kitchen
My creative direction (and production of over 100 recipe videos) provided the engaging content at the core of CPK’s Learning Management System: “The Proof”. The launch of this LMS revolutionized operations and culinary training, and dramatically increased employee engagement with compelling videos and an inviting UI / UX design.
In collaboration with marketing, culinary, and operations teams, I developed video, photo, and design assets for a variety of initiatives, including a commercial scale production for their franchise team.
2014 - 2022
Director, Producer, Videographer - Freelance
I’ve shot, directed, produced, and edited video projects for clients ranging from ABC and Chick-fil-a to Yoga With Adriene, Lil Nas X, and the International Myeloma Foundation.
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